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Airport express bus – Vaernes Express Bus

Did you know that

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  • The airport express bus / Værnes Express Bus is the quickest way to/from Trondheim Værnes Airport.
  • The Værnes Express Bus covers all departures and arrivals from/to Værnes.
  • The bus departs 40 minutes after charter flights land at night. For evening departures, the bus departs from Nidarvoll 3½ hours before flight departure time.

Allow plenty of time for your journey

We would recommend that all passengers departing from Værnes arrive at the airport one hour before domestic departures and two hours before international departures. An additional 20 minute should be allowed during the rush hour and on Fridays. There will occasionally be roadworks on the way to the airport as well as closed tunnels. A new four-lane highway is currently under construction and this may result in delays at certain times.


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