Support and lost property

Have you lost something? Or do you need some other kind of assistance?

We deliver lost property to Trondheim police station in accordance with fixed procedures.

Only items such as wallets, mobile phones, tablets/PCs, identity cards and glasses will be delivered to Trondheim police station

All other lost property will be disposed of by Unibuss Ekspress after two weeks. This is because we are not permitted to deliver other types of lost property to Trondheim police station.

Contact us:

Support line opening hours: Weekdays between 08:00–11:30 / 12:00–16:00

Visiting address: Bratsbergvegen 23, 7037 Trondheim

Telephone: (+47) 46 84 22 18


Frequently asked questions

Child seats

All buses are fitted with four integrated child seats for children who can sit upright on their own (aged over three years). For older children, booster seats are available on all buses.

If you require an approved baby seat, you must bring this yourself.

Child seats should be booked no later than two working days in advance in order to ensure that one is available.

Bus stop map

You can see a map of our bus stops by selecting “Bus stops” when ordering your ticket or under “Timetable”.

Changing your ticket

Low price tickets purchased on our website or via the app are valid for two hours before and 10 hours after the departure time you have chosen. These tickets cannot be changed.

Full Flex tickets purchased on our website are valid for 15 days before and after the purchased departure date.