Ticket inspection

Travelling without a ticket can be expensive!

If you have not been able to purchase a ticket in time, please notify the driver, a member of staff or the ticket inspector.

Please retain your ticket for the entire journey so that you can present it in the event of a ticket inspection.

You must check for yourself if you received the correct ticket.

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§ 4 Ticket

The right to transport is given when buying a ticket or card. Ticket must be redeemed or card presented / cut when boarding, if no special arrangement has been made for payment. The traveler must check that the correct ticket and exchange money have been received. As far as possible, complaints must be made on the spot.

If a traveler does not receive a fixed ticket at the right time, this shall be given to the carriage service as soon as possible and before the coach leaves.

The ticket / card must be kept for the duration of the journey and must be presented on request to the carriage operator or inspector.

Travelers who by check cannot show a valid ticket or card shall pay additional fare equal to twice the fare for the single ticket for the distance, but in no case less than NOK. 300. Cards that are abused or attempted to be abused are enclosed by the carriage attendant or the inspector against a receipt.

Travelers who refuse to pay surcharges or who refuse to deliver a card can be notified to the police, cf. Penal Code § 403.

In accordance with the Act on Professional Transport of Motor Vehicles and Vessels of 21 June 2002 No. 45 § 33, passengers without a valid ticket can be withheld. Conditions for withholding travelers must be approved specifically by the Ministry of Transport and Communications regarding the individual company’s transport conditions.